Systems Implementation Specialist

SEC Consulting, LLC

The following are some of the utility clients SEC Consulting, LLC staff have successfully supported:

SEC Consulting served as senior business analyst directing BL&P through the process of defining and adopting new business practices for the new CIS.

SEC Consulting served as project manager from initial vendor selection, through implementation to go-live, and during two major system upgrades.

SEC Consulting managed the vendor selection process and served as project manager throughout the entire CIS implementation process.

SEC Consulting served a number of special project roles including assistance project manager, lead architect of the deregulation business services, and developer of data conversion strategy.

SEC Consulting served as project manager and data conversion manager during OUCís migration to their new CIS.

Barbados Light & Power

Sierra Pacific Power Company

City of Riverside Public Utilities

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative

Orlando Utilities Commission

Representative Utilities Projects

Sierra Pacific Power Company